Website Owners

We at Landocs holdings know the every website has its cycle and that sometime it is just the right time to move on to other opportunities while placing your website at the right hands.

At Landocs holdings you’ll find a dedicated team, who’s devoted to quick and transparent evaluation process.

If you’re an owner of an established website, a web service or any other web yielding asset and would like to explore the possibility of selling it to us, please head to our website contact form at the bottom of the page and fill in the required fields. Please try to be a thorough and detailed as possible, we will contact you soon after regarding your site.Our process consists of several stages; all can be completed within a matter of days

1. Collecting reports and data from the seller (specifics will be provided )

2. Evaluating site potential based on the data provided

3. Submitting a proposal

4. Due Diligence and Ensuring correction and completeness of all data provided

5. Signing a binding contract, payments and delivery.