• Oren Vardy

    Co-Founder and Portfolio Manager

    Oren Vardy is a founding member is responsible for acquiring and managing company’s assets, as well as managing the financial control operations of the firm, which includes accounting, client service, corporate financing, cash management, reporting and tax services. Oren Vardy has more than 20 years of both IT and investment experience

  • Salomon Pomerantz

    Chief Techonlogy Officer (CTO)

    Salomon Pomerantz (Salo) has Bsc.in Computer Engineering. Salo is a Hi-Tech professional, Entrepreneur and former resident of Mexico. With vast Business experience and familiarity with Technology Systems, products and services; and Security Solutions. Salo focuseS on scientific and technological issues within the organization and is in charge of all the technological due diligence process and all new aspects in regard to new assets acquisition and on going technical management

  • Doron Shteyer (COO)

    Chief of Operations

    Doron Shteyer is an Experienced CEO, Senior Executive and Board Member, with 14+ years’ experience in initiating and leading large-scale projects in challenging environments. Specializes in Operation and service operations. Owns and leads several start ups wich operates in business and educational environments. Doron acts as Chief Operating Officer(COO) and is responsible for managing the company's day-to-day operations , teams and resources allocation

  • Ilan Gershon

    Financial Advisor

    Ilan Gershon is a seasoned business consultant with 20 years of experience in the financial and operational markets. Being a SuperDerivatives core management team from its setup until its recent acquisition by ICE after serving as a Managing Director, CFO, Treasurer and Chief Economist of the group for 15 years,

  • Porter Payne


    Jon Doe Best known for his role as Chief Executive Officer of the Atlanta Committee for the 1996 Olympic Games, Payne is a founding member and Chairman of Centennial Holding Company, LLC. Under Mr. Payne’s tenure, Centennial’s portfolio has grown to over 10,000 units, 35 communities and more than $1 billion in asset value.