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Landocs Holding Company has provided consistently superior investor returns.

We do it through a proven strategy focused on capital preservation and steady, sustainable growth. Leveraging the deep relationships and “reputation capital” forged by our team in the web industry over the years, we attribute our success to three simple factors:

I received a cold email from Landoc in December 2018 and was initially skeptical (the stock photography on their website threw me off), and I had received many random people trying to sell me things before. After doing some due diligence, I came to the conclusion that they were a legit company, so I went ahead and set up a call with one of the partners, Oren.
In the initial call, he was informative about the process and timeline – letting me know they could have an offer within a week or two and that the money could be in escrow soon after.
After I submitted all the information they requested, I received what I thought was a very fair offer, and so I didn’t feel the need to counter. The process took a couple of months to complete because of some hiccups out of our control, but in the end it went about as smooth as possible.
I would highly recommend doing business with these guys and am confident in their ability to close on a transaction in a fair manner and a speedy timeline.
Will W.

PlayHearts-online.com Owner playsolitaire-online.com

Conservative Acquisition Strategy

We take a methodical approach to sourcing low-risk, Class A web assets in high-growth niches.

We focus mainly on Blogs, SAAS and UGC sites.

• Our typical transaction involves established sites (usually older than 10 years) with steady growth and a strong community.

• While there is no limitation on transaction size, single-asset purchases traditionally range from $50,000 to $1 million.

• Capitalization rates, IRR requirements and other financial considerations vary depending on the assets and capital market conditions, product type and growth potential, perceived risk and portfolio objectives.

Property Management during Acquisitions

We take a methodical approach to sourcing web assets in high-growth verticals,

  • Our typical transaction involves contemporary, upscale communities with more than 3 million PV, a large share of direct and referral traffic and a track record of more than 5 years.

  • While there is no limitation on transaction size, single-asset purchases traditionally range from $100K- $2 million.


All data gathered within the acquisition process, is kept confidential, any data submitted to us as part of the process will either be returned or deleted from our computers in case the deal doesn’t get off.

A signed NDA will be provided to parties who would like to seek extended security.

Acquisition process.

our typical acquisition process can be viewed here